With a cigarette pursed to my lips…

Mental exhaustion + Physical exhaustion = a very stern fuck you. I’m seriously running on fumes everything from home life to my job, and let’s not forget that ever so deceitful mother fucker the past. I’ve just about had it. I lived through, and continue to live through some terrible situations. I wake up everyday fighting for my future. I can still see the world in color, but everything is just a little more pointless now, a little more irritating. I watch the news, I’m in the public, and all I see is the bullshit that pours from people’s souls. Racial agenda, gay agenda, anti-gay agenda, religious agenda, atheist agenda, what Love is, what beauty is, what good is. Everybody swears they’re right. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! I’m sick of the bullshit. Fuck you and your thoughts and your supercilliousness, your store bought righteousness. Am I being hypocritical by posting my personal views and saying what I said? No see…anybody else’s opinion more than likely is stated under the facade of not looking for validation, but we all know that’s a damn lie. I genuinely don’t care if you get my point. To be quite honest it’s all pointless.,why? Because of the fact we’re entitled to our own point of view. In knowing that My rebuttal to your rebuttal is still a starched and pressed….Fuck You! I know I’m not being heard really. This is the ambient buzz you hear in complete silence. Things aren’t going to change because I wrote and posted this. That’s acceptable. I’m just making something that was alive in my mind semi tangible. My psychological cigarette ( I quit smoking by the way 4 months now) Whether you listened or heard or ignored have a good one…..

A KingUnseen of an unknown fate, but I never quite die. Child of a side ways 8.


Moody Comes Home…

It’s fall soo I guess it’s time to break out those sweaters, watch the foliage change color, and eat a granny smith apple or some shit. As summer graces us with it’s final riches. I stand a little frayed. I know how fast time can pass, but goddamn it was just July a minute ago. Now there’s Halloween and Thanksgiving shit everywhere. I woke up this morning and it was chilly as fuck. Ahh fuck it there’s no need to be up in arms about it. As soon as it leaves the sooner it comes back. But there is the big cold Bastard coming up (psst! Winter). I’m not looking forward to that. The only survival tools are a gf (unfortunately don’t have one)P.O.T(pussy on tap) or good booze and Netflix. And even that’s not really enough. I love autumn though. Unlike New Years this really is a season of a new beginning. A turning of what is considered complacency or normalcy. I can digg that..


Speechless but never thoughtless. Unspoken but never wordless. Winged yet
flightless like I’m living life verb-less. If you’re living yours sightless
you might step into that curbed shit.Dead iris behind the eyelid on the
island of the worthless. Short looked but sure footed. The vast danger and
masked strangers but not shooken. Everything’s for sale it seems en masse
hookers. The wrong covers and titles to books and false authors. I’m just
tired of liars so I’m enveloped in quiet. I’ve been told too many sins
call me pius. The pope of tarnished gold. Dance and shine for me all that
garbage on your soul. As I stand in indifference. Acknowledging and
listening. Oh my silence but my brain is the plain of infinity…


For On A Hot Night…

On a humid summer night
The air stinks of sex…
Non existant….
Posibilities possibly not possible
Thick warm moisture humming with electricty
Restless movement
To a restless mind
In search of fire
Finding only the the embers of a dying excitement
Take yo ass home.


Recovery Withdrawn….

I’ve been distant in many aspects of my life. I’ve been in a make shift chrysalis converting the bullshit into the dope. The gym has been my headquarters pushing my movement foward. I gotta say it’s funny. The more I change the less I have to say. Kinda like Silent Bob when I do speak I want my shit to be profound and insightful. Of course that’s more than likely not gonna happen but hey. I also find more respect and admiration with the newer version of myself. Moreso for the physical. I won’t lie it’s amazing. More inspiration cause this isnt the beginning and it sure as shit isn’t the end. It’s all part of the happening.

I think more than you feel and vice versa….


Today tudey Today! Not a damn thing happened. It was a lacadaisical lazy uninspired day. Everything is clean. I didn’t have to go the gym. No calls or text. Just myself and my massive library of dvds. It would be nice have company but … It’s whetever.