Gools Fold

Ah! The first day of September. The first day of the few weeks Summer pity fucks us before she leaves us with her temperamental friends, and goes on to show love to all the others on the opposite side of the world. Today Is Labor Day. Today is ¬†also The Fools Gold Day Off/ Night Off. A tradition introduced to me by my good friend Jarred. He died earlier this summer so today I gotta post about him. I remember the first year we went. We went to the Night Off I got the feverish phone call to drop everything I was doing and meet him. I was visiting my sis on Long Island so we met in Hempstead got on the N6 and caught the F train headed to West 4th. We asked some store owner smoking a cigarette where Carmine street was. He was an asshole and was about to send us in the wrong direction. Until a homeless man shouted out “FUCK THAT GUY CARMINE’S THAT WAY” and the homeless man was right. We popped him a dollar and walked in the correct direction. We could then see the cluster of 20 somethings smoking cigarettes sitting on the concrete sidewalks in front of The Westway. We were so unsure. We didn’t know if we’d get in or not. It being the first real event we’d gone to ever. The line started up and the bouncers do the usual rape tango of patting you down and checking I.Ds. After about 30 mins as things really kicked up it was everything was what we imagined it would be. Getting the chance to hang out so candidly with people we Idolized, as well as with like minded cool people. It was just a buzz of electricity that really can’t be matched. We even went on stage and hung out with some model chicks. That night was all we could talk about for months. So the next year we made sure others joined in, and we went went every year. Soo today we’re going in his memory draped in his spirit. I remember when I was younger looking at celebrity deaths or the deaths or deaths of people in the neighborhood or even distant relatives, and not feeling the deepness of loss. I was soo far removed. Not that I wasn’t empathetic. I just couldn’t feel what they were feeling. Even months, years after that person was gone. My mother said one it would happen to me. Now that it has I can only say treasure your time with everybody you know. Shit…. treasure your time with yourself. Make moments those are the beautiful knives that cut through the sadness, but stab us a little bit. Anyway don’t mean to depress you. Today is a day to relax . I’m about to party(kind of) I hope the best for all of you whatever you do.

Over It…..

I was never really on it.. But I’m over Going to the club and the magic pussy dust of a supposed amazing night. Especially in New York City. I was amped fresh out of work friends coming in from Long Island Fools Gold 5th anniversary party in the wing dope shit is bound to happen right? Wrong! Dude made it just about an hour from the doors opened. We made it williamsburg just to see that long ass line. The shit wrapped around 2 corners long story short we didn’t get in. So with the advice from this hot Uma Thurman we went to glasslands where we also didn’t get in,but some dude named Dj Dog Dick was spinning. Hipster fuckery was abundant. We walked across the Queensborough Bridge for the hell of it. We went from bar to bar club to club chasing down a good time, but for me it became more of question what really is a good time? I understand we all need an escape from the norm, but getting drunk walking around yelling loud dumb shit is that really fun? Yes yes it is.. From the outside looking in you’re a fucking ass. Going to the club is a female thing. Unless you’re a dude with your girl you know your ass isn’t dancing and you’re hounding for pussy. Even if that wasn’t your intention, by the end of the night thats what’s up on your agenda if things to do. I’ve been there. The door charge,the drinks, the bitches, the bastards, the elitism, the bullshit, the clothes. Fuck it Over It! throws hands in the air and walks away…..

Turn UP!

So monday was the 3rd annual Fools Gold Day Off/ Night off affair. The dopest thing this summer since the Little Dragon concert. I’m hella late writing about it cause my phone’s been fucked up. It started with the usual suspscts dj Y-T( well since yall don’t know him he’s fucking jarred) anyways he his sister and I met on west 4th walked around like crazy people until we found the winery. We found the line and the usual weird fuckers that these things attract. Hour and a half wait and we were in there. Catchdubs dj set always a pleasure. Telephoned performed( the singer is sexy as fuck), Party supplies did alright with his set, and then …. The fuckeey started. Ricky Blaze lame ass hit the stage with an equally lame dj, the sound started fucking up. After that ole bulshit left the stage fa trel, GLC, and Theophilus London hopped on stage madd niggerish with them were 2 white girls one djing while the other who was more than lilely high on some shit danced. They hit with some old crunk mid west down south favorites.Then the sound went out again(fyi that chic is still dancing) A-Trak and Dave-1 threw out t-shirts. Sound came back they finished up. Then Flosstradamus fucked shit up with their set fucking banoodles sansafranz the only way to describe it. After them was the Flatbush Zombies I kinda slept on them at first vut im telling you right now download D.R.U.G.S right now. They have some crazy fucking fans( i was kicked in the face during a mosh pit) i regulated don’t worry. Now while this is going on peoole who couldn’t get in bum rushed the event shortly after danny brown hit the stage. he cops s shut the whole shit down. Yep after that got food got on line for the night off bumped into tracey morgan cool shit ensued. Thats about it…. Yeah

Telephoned performing…. The lead singer is soo fucking sexy

Double bands

KingUnseen Too Mean


Night Off….

I’m still buzzing off of last night it was too dope. Major shout out to Fools Gold and A-Trak for throwing The Day/Night Off the dopest get together ever party ever. Fucking Diplo was in the crowd walking around like it was nothing. Dave one of Chromeo went nuts over stuff I wasn’t expecting(Nate dogg’s aint no fun) Awesome set by Just Blaze one of the first people I’ve seen to switch from Daft Punk to Dilla in a dj set then mix his own fucking beats!!!!. A-trak merked with his old school hip hop flips to niggerish ass lil b to dope ass house music. I even made it up on the stage people and got a chance to shake everyone’s hand. More than that the whole night leading up to and after the show was hilarious and the most fun I think I’ve had in a loong time. Shouts out to Blackfreakincanada or whitey or whatever the fuck he’s calling himself for making the night possible.