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Adele vs. Daft Punk- Something About The Fire(Carlos Serrano Mix)


the last supper.

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That got me through Either a weird,difficult,or Defining time.

The summer of 05’ I was homeless and in high school I was just kicked out of a friends house cause it got too difficult for his parents to house me I guess. I was put in some teen shelter 2 weeks before school started. With my last 40 bucks I bought school shit and copped this album. I remember walking down wantaugh road every day from the 55 bus bumping this album beaten by the bullshit i was forced to live through. Rocking shitty clothes, getting shitted on by the bitchassness that was high school, and girls would dare to look in my direction.But this album made me feel like I was gonna be something. This is the album where hip hop stopped being a bunch of niggas rapping and started being music. I know people might say different. Motherfucka Im not talking about the 90’s yes they were dope shouts out to Tribe and all the architects. but the early aughts sounded like shit until kanye. Everything about this album made me feel regal,triumphant,and worth something. Soo thank you Mr. West.

I actually stole this album from my friends parents cd collection. This album was dope and soulful. It complemented the coldness of winter so well for some reason. This album sparked alot of creativity within me. I used to write a great deal of poetry back in the day. Songs like “the root” Devil’s Pie” and the infamous “untitled how does it feel” were like gold. The way he conveyed how he felt about heart break or the intense love he felt for angie all in some way the way molded the way I expressed myself creatively and emotionally. It also made me look at women a certain way. I knew what kind of woman I wanted but these songs made me want one worthy of music like that. ” in the name of love and war she took my shield and sword. from the pit of the bottom that knows no floor. from the rain to the dirt. from the vine to the wine. from the alpha of creation until the end of time…..”

I’m an extremely eclectic individual lover of different genres of art and music. People too often and loosely tag themselves as different or eclectic but really are full of shit and I mean to the brim. Before everyone and they’re mom was shoving Daft Punk’s dicks down their throat and name dropping them to be “different” I was a humongous fan. I remember buying this from the sam goody in forest hills the day this album came out. coupled with that I bought a dragonball z vhs. I remember bumping this in junior high and getting dissed. “That’s white people music” I was told I was fucking lame and some fruity ass dude even broke my cd in half. It took me a couple of weeks to get another copy. This album is self explanatory. It was just a great piece of work and really defined that french house sound that we would all come to know soo well with ed banger much later. This album was fucking cool and they were visionaries with the interstella 5555 dvd that came along later.

 Apple Pie is American. A Tribe Called Quest is New York in every sense of it. Never have I had a soundtrack to every overcast day until I discovered electric relaxation. Again this is before all the dick riders came out the wood works with that back packer I’m eclectic and different bullshit. I used to get dissed on for listening to this shit too. But it made every walk to school a black and white scene from from a spike lee film.

I heard this at a borders in white plains and immediately had it special ordered. it was soo smooth and abstract. Another one of those albums that fed my creativity. The album is everything the title and cover suggest it is. I used to listen to this before knocking out at night.

There are wayyy more albums to this list but Im fucking tired and running out of creative shit to say soo on that note this is the end. I hope you dug it


Daft Punk at the strip club