Another Boring ass night cruising on OKcupid…

these women are full of shit…..


Today tudey Today! Not a damn thing happened. It was a lacadaisical lazy uninspired day. Everything is clean. I didn’t have to go the gym. No calls or text. Just myself and my massive library of dvds. It would be nice have company but … It’s whetever.


It’s an overcast day in new york city…….. I love overcast days it gives me Carte Blanche to be one those jazzy artsy bastards you would think lives in new york and go to sushi bars order sushi and sip wine n shit like that cause I’m mother fuckin classy. I really am classy(don’t forget that shit) and I’m……. bored there literally isn’t anything to do today. I guess I’m gonna coast to my unofficial soundtrackThank you flying lotus, thundercat, q-tip, John coltrane, James Blake, Little Dragon, Slum village….. The list goes on.

Things Missing Tonight….

Dammit I really wish I had 2 out of 3 of those things. Primarily the Sapporo and the woman, but I’m Maintaining I’m bored as fuck tho. I should just go downtown.