@cashmerecat @trutrippyturtle @obaycity killed It! I had a good ass time with @purpbanga…we MUST hang again!…on a weekend though. ☺️ #personal #wiliamsburghallofmusic #dopeness #selfie #gold (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY)


Having a good ass day today, not even going to lie. Off to @websterhall to see @valentinokhan he better drop cigarettes. #personal #me #selfie #citybound

Over It…..

I was never really on it.. But I’m over Going to the club and the magic pussy dust of a supposed amazing night. Especially in New York City. I was amped fresh out of work friends coming in from Long Island Fools Gold 5th anniversary party in the wing dope shit is bound to happen right? Wrong! Dude made it just about an hour from the doors opened. We made it williamsburg just to see that long ass line. The shit wrapped around 2 corners long story short we didn’t get in. So with the advice from this hot Uma Thurman we went to glasslands where we also didn’t get in,but some dude named Dj Dog Dick was spinning. Hipster fuckery was abundant. We walked across the Queensborough Bridge for the hell of it. We went from bar to bar club to club chasing down a good time, but for me it became more of question what really is a good time? I understand we all need an escape from the norm, but getting drunk walking around yelling loud dumb shit is that really fun? Yes yes it is.. From the outside looking in you’re a fucking ass. Going to the club is a female thing. Unless you’re a dude with your girl you know your ass isn’t dancing and you’re hounding for pussy. Even if that wasn’t your intention, by the end of the night thats what’s up on your agenda if things to do. I’ve been there. The door charge,the drinks, the bitches, the bastards, the elitism, the bullshit, the clothes. Fuck it Over It! throws hands in the air and walks away…..

Yeah…. Thats jarred

WhyTeY doing his thing

DJ-WhiteY (Thats that dude!) Let There Be House In My House [DJ Set] Live From The Sunroom of a decent house in Hempstead Long Island. Listen and Download And Did we Mention Its FREE!!!!


Night Off….

I’m still buzzing off of last night it was too dope. Major shout out to Fools Gold and A-Trak for throwing The Day/Night Off the dopest get together ever party ever. Fucking Diplo was in the crowd walking around like it was nothing. Dave one of Chromeo went nuts over stuff I wasn’t expecting(Nate dogg’s aint no fun) Awesome set by Just Blaze one of the first people I’ve seen to switch from Daft Punk to Dilla in a dj set then mix his own fucking beats!!!!. A-trak merked with his old school hip hop flips to niggerish ass lil b to dope ass house music. I even made it up on the stage people and got a chance to shake everyone’s hand. More than that the whole night leading up to and after the show was hilarious and the most fun I think I’ve had in a loong time. Shouts out to Blackfreakincanada or whitey or whatever the fuck he’s calling himself for making the night possible.